lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2006


Hey to everybody!!Here its Nerea and in this blog i'll write my poems, my feelings and all this stuff... but, first of all, i'll introduce me:
Im a teenage girl from spain who likes to write... likes? no, i LOVE writing, and reading of course.
So, i hope u like my poems.
Take care,

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kb dijo...

Ya veo que necesitábamos la clase de marketing de Adriana. Esta es una editorial que siempre está abierta a recibir originales, claro que sí, también tuyos.
Hablamos, pásalo bien.

Awixumayita dijo...

Hello! I wanted to go into your blog, but i forgot the "poet" and I felt here.
Why did you retire this blog?
Why don't you recapture It? I think it's a good idea to publish poems in English, in a blog. It is a very good kind of marketing.